An Elmont Cardinal Alum needs our help...

Posted by Elmont Cardinal on Oct 03 2017 at 07:14AM PDT

An elmont cardinal alum needs our help. Please help harold and his family. #elmontcardinalfamily
Every little bit helps.
Donate today.

Jonathan was a healthy 18 yr old young adult 7 mnths ago…. today he is fighting for his life. He is in dire need of a kidney transplant but until that time he will be going through 3 rounds of dialysis weekly. The Elizee family is hurting… from the oldest to the youngest with this illness that has struck havoc on one of their own. This could have been anyone one of us or one of our own family members. Let’s rally together and show them some support. Raising money will help to alleviate some stress from the mounding drs bills so they can focus on being there for their son. Any donation no matter how big or small will be greatly appreciated by Jonathan…his family… and the community that is rallying behind them. They say that the change your looking for in the world should start at home. So let’s start here and now for Jonathan. Let’s give Jonathan hope to one day graduate college….get married.. have a family… live a normal life.


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